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Why are lice more contagious to children than adults?

Children tend to get lice more often than adults, but adults are not immune! Lice are more common in day care centers and schools, so it is normal for children to be more sensitive to lice and nits. But not only.

Lice - Differences between children and adults

One of the main differences is that children have much more sensitive skin and scalp than adults.

In addition, hair and its thickness evolve over time. Children's hair is much thinner than the final hair we have in adulthood, so it is very important to follow the proper treatment.

Another factor to take into account is PH, which is not the same when we are small and then older. Skin pH affects the reproduction of lice and nits. The more acidic the pH, the faster lice spread. That's why it's important to keep the PH under control, with a good shampoo, for example.

Skin thickness and oiliness also play a role. The cleaner the hair, the more attractive it is to lice and nits. And that's one of the reasons why children's hair hygiene cannot be neglected. Remember that not all products are suitable. At Happy Heads Clinic you will find the perfect products to keep lice away from the little ones.

Don't forget, for any head lice problem, the Happy Heads Clinic is the solution.

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