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Why do some children get lice more often?

Are there children that attract lice? This will probably be one of your doubts, especially when your daughter continues to get lice, despite all your efforts and treatments.

There are still no studies to suggest that one person is more vulnerable to lice than another, there are certain behaviors and lifestyles that put people at greater risk. For example, if your daughter is in a nursery, she is at greater risk of getting lice because she is in close contact with other children.

Why do some children get LICE more often than others?

Here are some reasons why your daughter may be getting head lice repeatedly.

The Louse leaves behind an odor trail

Lice leave an odor trail, which is a combination of urine and saliva that is incorporated into the hair shaft. It lasts up to 30 days and attracts new infestations.

You are not using the right products

Did you know that lice are immune to most of the ingredients in over-the-counter lice treatments? This means that the treatments you are using are probably not working. In addition, they usually contain aggressive ingredients that can weaken the scalp.

You are not eliminating nits

Most lice treatment products recommend a second treatment to kill all newly hatched eggs. Unfortunately, head lice treatments have a hard time killing nits, so you will always have to do a second application.

You are not combing or using the appropriate anti-lice comb

Combing your hair with a good anti-lice comb remains one of the best lice prevention tools we have. By combing your hair weekly, you can remove any lice that appear and prevent a major infestation. However, it is very important to use a suitable comb, as some combs do not get close enough to the scalp to remove the nits.

Are they a big family or have a lot of friends

When lice are caught, it usually begins to show symptoms after 4-6 weeks, which means when a child has caught his brothers and sisters in the meantime they have already been exposed. To control the infestation effectively, everyone in the household should be examined for lice and treated if necessary.

Are recurrent lice infestations treatable?

Of course yes! It is possible to get control of your child's lice infestations.

What steps to take to combat recurrent infestations!:

  • Get the treatment right. Treat an active case of head lice at Happy Heads Clinic or find out how to do it at home. Remember to always choose products with safe and non-toxic ingredients that really work. Do not expose your children to toxic chemicals!

  • Follow the recommendations. Follow all instructions for best results. We recommend a second treatment to kill all nits that were not detected in the first treatment. Otherwise, these small eggs will hatch and start a new infestation.

  • Comb your child's hair with a good anti-lice comb. After an infestation, comb your child's hair after a bath or shower with a good stainless steel anti-lice comb. Do this daily for two weeks until everything is clean. But, if your child is prone to lice, we recommend doing this once a week for maintenance.

  • Use the Happy Heads Clinic preventive products. To disguise the smell that lice leave behind, use our shampoo and spray repellent with tea tree oil and lemon-scented amara vinegar. It has a pleasant smell and offers extra protection to your child.

  • Wear short hair or tie your child's hair. If your daughter's hair is long, tie it in a ponytail or braid. This will prevent the lice from rising through the hair strands.

Once a week, take a look at your hair!

Recurrent lice infestations are not a sign of poor hygiene.

Get in touch with Happy Heads Clinic! We can help: in the diagnosis of lice (it's free), in the treatment and prevention with our preventive products and professional anti-lice comb! Book now!

Remember that lice are treatable, and Happy Heads Clinic can help!

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