We offer a non-chemical solution


At Happy Heads Clinic each treatment will take approximately 90 minutes while kids relax reading a book or magazine, play their favourite game on their tablets or simply watch their favourite cartoon or film. The kids have fun and we take care of the problem. You will leave here with the guarantee that your family will once again be free of lice and nits.

By being 100% natural we guarantee that your hair and scalp do not suffer any type of irritation or damage.

Our treatment  at Happy Heads Clinic is made up of 5 stages:

1. Screening: Here we evaluate the degree of infestation using our medical grade magnifying glass and trained staff with an eye to detail.


2. Heat:  The use of controlled hot air is particularly effective in this stage because it kills louse eggs, which chemical treatments have never done very well, it also kills hatched lice well enough to eliminate entire infestations.

3. Moisturising: Next we moisturise the hair and scalp to regain its vitality, lost during the heat treatment and to ease combing in the following step. 

4. VacuumingWith our patented equipment we can now vacuum all the eggs and lice, thanks to the special lice comb used guaranteeing 100% efficiency.

5. Follow up: 7 to 10 days after the treatment we ask that you return for a follow up appointment to guarantee the life cycle is broken and thus give a 100% guarantee.

We guarantee the treatment and our professionals will give you the indications so that there is no new infestation.

We guarantee the treatment 100% in writing .

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