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clinica do piolho

Happy Heads Clinic

the first head lice removal clinic in Faro, Algarve  

In Happy Heads Clinic we eliminate lice and nits in a 100% Natural way!


Happy Heads Clinic is the first clinic in Faro, Algarve dedicated exclusively to the treatment of Pediculosis.


We are equipped with specialist and exclusive equipment. Controlled heated air to safely remove lice and their eggs (the nits) and a sophisticated set of tools to clear it all out,

Nit combs, specialist lice hoovers, super bright lighting, medical magnifying visors, specialist tweezers, 

A natural solution to rid head lice from your life safely, quickly and effectively, plus it is recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists as the best solution.


Why come to Happy Heads Clinic?

Anyone can catch head lice, thus you should not suffer the disconfort, when it cannot be solved at home.


Happy Heads Clinic is here to help solve the lice and nits problem!
We are committed to giving your family and children peace of mind with a 100% Natural, Effective, and Safe Lice and Nits treatment suitable for everyone.

A professional team  at your entire disposal to solve the problem of lice and nits and  answer all your questions.

An effective, safe and natural lice and nits treatment   we use the most effective technology and  most appropriate techniques for each situation.


We use and sell 100% natural lice preventive products .


 If you are suspicious someone at home has lice, dont hesitate and book a free diagnosis.


Head Lice and Nits?
Meet Happy Heads Clinic, the solution to the problem!

Happy Heads Clinic, the solution for Lice and Nits in the Algarve that you were looking for ...

Where are we?

We are at Avenida 5 de Outubro 204 Ground Floor, in Faro, Algarve.

Our center is located on one of the main avenues in Faro, close to the João de Deus school and Conservatory and with good access.

You can take a walk at shoop 5 minutes away at Rua Santo António or have a coffee while we take care of your child.

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