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piolhos algarve

Happy Heads Clinic, where we help you and your family become lice and nit free in Algarve. Happy families!

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Marcar tratamento de piolhos
100% natural treatment in getting rid of lice and nits chemical free.
Conheça o nosso tratamento de piolhos e lêndeas
At Happy Heads Clinic,  we are specialists in treating and preventing head lice and nits.
Conheça a nossa clinica de tratamento de piolhos e lêndeas
Tratamento rápido de piolhos e lêndeas - 90 minutos

Our treatment takes between 60 to 120 minutes, to get rid of lice and nits..

Tratamento de Piolhos e Lêndeas 100% Natural

100% Natural


Our treatment only uses natural products without any chemicals, therefore it is safe for kids, infants and pregnant ladies.

Garantimos que acabamos com os Piolhos e Lêndeas

We guarantee that you will be lice and nit free.

At Happy Heads Clinic we have head lice and nits preventive products 100% Natural.
The secret lies in the mixture of Tea Tree Oil mixed with Vinegar of Quássia Amara, a mixture that does not have insecticide smell but keeps lice and nits away of their heads.
All of our products are dermatologically tested and designed for the whole family.

"Lice and nits never again !!
I advise this service because I speak from experience.
No chemicals, guaranteed and, above all, sympathy.
I loved it!!"

Patrícia, Mariana's mum

"Very good service. They don't use chemicals. Very friendly, everything explained and super friendly."


Carla, Melanie's mum

"I recommend it. Super nice lady, patient and sweet with the child. My daughter had a lice infestation since she was 3, now she is 7, I had never managed to clean her head 100%. I went to the happy heads clinic in Faro and on the first visit, my daughter was very clean. "

Carina, Melanie's mum

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