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Need help with head lice treatment?

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You can book your treatment at Happy Heads Clinic: Online, by phone 917807500 or message.

The value of our treatment is fixed, regardless of the degree of infestation, length, volume, type of hair or duration of treatment.

At Happy Heads Clinic you always know what you pay for, no surprises!

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Book your treatment now!

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Lice and Nits Screening

  • Thorough inspection of the hair, to check for the presence of lice and / or nits.

  • Duration 10 to 20 minutes


Head Lice and Nits Treatment 

  • Head lice and nits treatment through dehydration, aspiration, hydration, check with anti lice comb and special magnifiers.

  • 100% natural products

  • Duration about 90 minutes (may take more depending on hair size and degree of infestation)

  • 1 Follow up 1 week afterwards is included


Follow - up

  • The Follow-Up is included in the head lice and nits treatment.

  • We check all hair thoroughly with the help of lamps and magnifying glasses to confirm or exclude the presence of lice and nits

  • Duration about 30 minutes.

Serviço ao Domicilio de Piolhos e Lêndeas
Serviço ao Domicilio de Piolhos e Lêndeas

Home Service

With your comfort in mind, we also have

home lice and nits treatment available.

Upon budget and subject to availability.

Serviço ao Domicilio de Piolhos e Lêndeas
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