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Which products are most effective against Lice?

produtos preventivos de piolhos

The nightmare with lice has always existed, with history full of homemade treatments and "homemade remedies" by grandmothers, and more recently with chemicals that unfortunately have been creating resistance and it is increasingly difficult to treat lice.

The hours and hours spent removing lice and nits have taught us that prevention is better than catching!

There are certain habits that help prevent lice from spreading, such as:

  • do not share towels, caps or other types of accessories that are in contact with the hair

  • avoid head to head contact

  • wear short or curly hair

  • and if possible, use an effective preventive treatment

Which preventive lice products are recommended? It depends on the active ingredient ...

Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca oil or better known as "tea tree", is present in several cosmetic products. It is used for acne problems, irritations, herpes, as an antifungal for various types of fungi, dry skin, dandruff, colds and even bad breath! It has very broad properties, such as bactericidal and healing.

Amara Cashew Vinegar

It owes its name to am inhabitant of Suriname, called “Quassi” who already in the middle of the 18th century had his moment of glory treating fevers with this plant. The plant, Quassia, was well known in central and southern America and its medicinal use spread in Europe from 1756.

The first scientific studies on Quassia's pediculicidal activity began in 1978, when its effectiveness was tested in more than 400 lice infested patients *. Subsequent studies confirmed Quassia's preventive and therapeutic action on human pediculosis.

What are its advantages?

  • It is 100% vegan, of vegetable origin.

  • It is safe and non-toxic.

  • It can be incorporated into cosmetic products, without restrictions as to their presence or concentration of use.

  • It can be used as a preventive treatment for lice infestations, unlike the usual chemical treatments.

  • It is totally effective as a treatment at a concentration of 3%.

The Preventive Products we chose at Happy Heads Clinic combine these two natural actives as they offer a unique solution for the prevention of lice and nits.

The Quassia Amara Vinegar present in the products, does not allow lice to settle on the scalp, while the repairing and antiseptic power of Tea Tree Oil helps to repair possible damage to the scalp, such as irritation and flaking.

Find out about our preventive products, from detangling spray, shampoo, conditioner and hair gel.

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