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My baby got lice!

Head lice are not one of the concerns of parents with babies, however they can happen, especially when siblings get it. Some parents even think that as babies have little hair they don't get lice, but if the family gets it, the babies can get it too.

O meu bebé apanhou piolhos
My baby got lice!

What are lice?

Head lice are parasites that live on the scalp and hair of humans. An infestation includes nits, which are the eggs of lice; each nit contains a nymph, which is a baby louse; and adult lice, the insects that move around the scalp.

Lice in babies can be difficult to detect because the bugs are so small, and the baby can't tell that something is wrong. The first symptom most parents see are small visible nits.

Symptoms of Head Lice in Babies

Head lice on babies look the same as on anyone, including younger children. Symptoms can be:

  • Scratching around the head;

  • Irritability;

  • Red rashes or insect bite marks

  • Nits in the hair strands next to the scalp;

  • Hair lice are usually even easier to find than in older children.

What to do if you find lice on your baby!

If you find lice on your baby or younger child, you'll want to treat them as quickly and safely as possible.

Most products available for the treatment of head lice contain harsh chemicals not suitable for babies. In addition to being dangerous, they rarely work nowadays with resistant lice and neither can eliminate all the nits.

Removing lice and nits with the wet combing technique is the most appropriate way as it is safe, natural and effective when done correctly. It is the only head lice treatment for babies that most pediatricians recommend.

By the time you find lice on your baby's head, it's almost guaranteed that the mother also has lice. check the whole family and treat anyone who has lice!

And keep checking! Some nits may be too small to see, so keep looking for nits for at least a few weeks after treatment. Remove any you find with a professional lice comb or by hand.

Steps to treat head lice in babies

When a child or baby has lice, don't panic. Head lice treatment for babies and younger children can be done safely and effectively.

  1. Act naturally and give your baby a toy to play with while you check the hair;

  2. Wet hair with water and conditioner or a little baby oil;

  3. Comb the hair in all directions with a professional lice comb.

  4. Wipe the comb between each pass on a towel to remove lice and nits.

  5. Continue combing until lice and nits are gone.

  6. As babies' hair is very fine, you may not be able to remove all the nits with the comb, remove the rest by hand.

  7. Check again every two days.

Treating lice in children is complicated. It is natural for them to test their authority by refusing to cooperate. Many parents simply prefer to come to the Happy Heads Clinic because they know that their children collaborate more with a professional than with their mother or father.

The lice and nits treatment at Happy Heads Clinic is safe (chemical free) and effective suitable for babies, children, adults and pregnant women.

For new parents who are exhausted and head lice care is a challenge or find that their time is better spent on activities other than head lice care, we can help! Call 917 807 500 and we will eliminate lice safely and effectively! Book now!

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