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How To Check Hair Lice Effectively!

To properly check for lice, it is necessary to comb the hair with a good lice remover comb (which you only find in specialized spaces) and pass it through a paper towel or napkin. Simply looking at your hair can easily miss lice or nits, especially if it's a new case. Check our product page for our head lice comb.

como verificar e encontrar piolhos nas crianças
Checking Head Lice in Children!

Steps to Check for Lice:

  1. Comb your hair with a brush to completely untangle your hair.

  2. Then comb your hair with a fine lice remover comb. You can comb with wet or dry hair, however wet hair can be a little easier, especially if the hair is thick and/or curly. To help, conditioner can be used to ensure the comb runs through the hair.

  3. With the lice comb, comb along the scalp from the hairline to the end of the hair. After each pass (or after a few passes), wipe the comb on a white towel to check for nits and/or lice. Comb all the hair in different directions for at least a few minutes.

  4. If you're not sure what you found in your head, get in touch with us, we can help! Take a photo of what you found and send it to us.

Head Check Tips:

  • Once a week, have a look! Make hair checks a weekly routine.

  • All family members should be examined with a lice comb. If you just look at your hair (and don't comb it well) you can easily miss some lice, especially if it's a recent case.

If you don't want to go to work checking children's heads, we have good news for you, the diagnosis of head lice and nits is free at the Happy Heads Clinic! Book it now!

Call +351 917807500 (also whatsapp)

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