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How to remove nits from hair?

Parents often ask how they manage to remove nits from their children's hair, which is the biggest difficulty when trying to treat head lice at home.

"The lice I can still eliminate, the nits is the biggest problem!"

"I try to take them off with my fingers one by one!"

"I've spent hours back from the nits!"

Sound familiar? We could make a huge list of the strategies that parents have already used to get rid of this problem. It is not enough to get rid of the lice, it is also necessary to get rid of the nits (lice eggs) to be able to completely eliminate the lice infestation.

In the case of more serious infestations, the difficulty is even greater, just remember that a female lice can place up to 10 nits per day, if we have 10 female lice it is equivalent to 100 nits/day.

What to do to remove the nits?

The products that exist on the market report that they kill the lice, however most of the time they are ineffective in eliminating the nits (lice eggs). Unfortunately, if you don't get rid of the nits, you can't get rid of the lice!

At Happy Heads Clinic we always choose to remove the nits in a natural way: comb the hair with a good Anti-Lice Fine Comb, a special comb that completely removes all the nits from the hair (it is important to inform that not all combs on the market are special as the ones we use at Happy Heads Clinic are therefore not effective).

If you have the patience and some technique to comb, you can also do it at home, following these steps:

Como tirar lêndeas do cabelo de forma eficaz
How to remove nits from hair
  1. Wet and detangle the hair with a little conditioner

  2. Divide hair into 4 or 6 parts

  3. Pass the Comb from the root of the scalp to the end of the hair in all parts and clean with it in a white cloth/towel

  4. During the process use the Anti-Lice Detangling Spray to help detach the nits

  5. Repeat the process again 5-7 days later. In the case of more severe infestations, repeat it more often.

In order to work, it is very important to have a lot of patience and the use of a good comb and a good anti-lice disentangling spray. Also available for sale at Happy Heads Clinic.

Eliminar Piolhos
Spray Desembaraçante Anti-Piolhos

Pente Fino Anti Piolhos

If you don't have the patience, time or the infestation is very serious, schedule your treatment at Happy Heads Clinic and bring smiles back to your children!

Call 917807500 (also whastapp)!

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