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Head Lice go back to school too!

Going back to school is a time of great excitement for parents and students with the purchase of clothes, school supplies and backpacks. Unfortunately, at this time there is also a frequent increase in the number of cases of head lice.

As head lice and nit experts, we would like to share some lice prevention recommendations so that this very important time for our children is not ruined!

Head Lice at School
Head Lice at School

School Lice Prevention Recommendations

Check children's heads frequently

The best way to prevent head lice is to check their heads regularly. Head lice can be difficult to identify, if that's the case, you can always schedule a lice check up at the Happy Heads Clinic and we'll do the check for you completely free of charge. Before returning to school, check the children's heads so they don't bring any unwanted surprises to school.

Extra Prevention

At Happy Heads Clinic we have available products such as shampoo, conditioner, gel and detangling spray that prevent head lice. They are extremely effective, chemical-free repellents with Tea Tree oil and Quassia Amara vinegar and with a pleasant lemon scent.

Wear your hair short or cropped

Another way to prevent head lice is to wear your hair short or caught in a braid or bun. The less area of ​​hair we make available, the less likely it is that a louse will snatch and crawl to another head.

Share brushes and hats

Although there is a greater chance of getting head lice from direct contact between heads than from sharing personal items such as brushes and hats. It's always important to remind kids that sharing is fine, as long as it's not hats and brushes that can bring unwanted friends back.


What teenager doesn't love a good selfie with friends to celebrate going back to school? Although fun, they can cause direct contact between heads, giving the opportunity for an exchange of lice. Reinforce the message with your children: the most fun and safest selfies are at a distance!

If you find lice

Even with all the preventive care, did you find lice in children? It can happen, especially when you go back to school which is one of your high seasons!

Found lice or struggle for weeks and months trying to get rid of the pest come to Happy Heads Clinic, we use the most effective technology in the treatment of lice and nits in a 100% natural, safe and fast way, eliminating all the lice and nits.

At Happy Heads Clinic we offer head lice prevention and treatment solutions that help your family stay free of this pest!

Find out now! +351 917 807 500!

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