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Head Lice? Relax with Check Up Plans

It is with great pleasure that we announce the creation of a new service: Lice Free Check Up Plans!

One of the goals of Happy Heads Clinic is to offer a service tailored to families, and the parents feedback about their concerns and needs is very important. One of them was that, despite all the care and frequent treatments, they were not able to eliminate lice in their children because they were always infected by other children at school, due to the lack of strict lice control protocols.

Now there is finally a solution, with Happy Heads Clinic's Lice Free Check Up Plans! For parents concerned about lice, relax and let us help you with:

  • Biweekly follow-ups at the Happy Heads Clinic, in which we perform an vacuuming and a Manual Review with an Anti-Lice Fine Comb throughout the hair

Clinica do Piolho
Planos de Manutenção Livres de Piolhos
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