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Does dyeing hair eliminate lice?

Several parents have already asked us if hair dye kills lice and nits, and some parents have already dyed their children's hair in an attempt to get rid of lice!

Pintar o cabelo elimina os Piolhos
Dyeing your hair eliminates lice?!

What happens to lice when we dye our hair?

Hair dye or coloring is used to change hair color and also to hide gray hairs. However, there are those who think that it can be an excellent ally in eliminating lice and nits. Is it really so?

The most recent dyes and colorings, whether professionals (from hairdressers) or those applied at home, are increasingly caring and respectful of the hair, that is, they change the color of the hair without harming the scalp, the follicles and the epidermis, as well as the pH and the bacteria that fulfill the protective function.

Do the chemicals in paints kill lice?

If we analyze the chemical substances contained in current hair dye, we can see that aggressive agents such as ammonia are no longer used, so they are not effective in combating lice and nits.

Do hair dyes help remove nits?

Unfortunately no, they can even make it difficult to remove the nits, because when we dye our hair we also dye the nits, making it more difficult to remove them.

What happens if you have head lice and dye your hair?

It makes the subsequent elimination of lice and nits difficult, because when we dye our hair we are also dyeing the nits, helping them to camouflage themselves better, making it more difficult to identify them.

By putting the dye on the hair we can be dragging the lice to other areas of the hair and / or people, further accentuating the problem.

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