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On holiday in the Algarve with Lice?

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Summer holidays in the Algarve, with the good weather and the beach, encourage the practice of games and activities that involve contact with the little ones, increasing the probability of lice infection.

Como tratar os piolhos de férias no Algarve
On holiday in the Algarve with Lice?

The Algarve has the ideal temperature for lice with its mild and pleasant climate.

If you found lice or they have decided to come on holiday with you to the Algarve, don't worry, before they spoil your holiday, come to the Happy Heads Clinic we can help, we are specialists in the treatment of lice and nits in the Algarve in a 100% Natural, Effective way and Safe.

Why go to Happy Heads Clinic in Algarve?

Very simple: because we want to offer the best service, respecting your children's health. Neither more nor less. There are many ways to remove head lice, but only one that offers a total guarantee that they will not return.

The treatment given by the professionals at the Happy Heads Clinic in the Algarve guarantees the complete eradication of the pest. Forget about the nits that look dead but then make the lice reappear! Our professionals, trained to use the latest technology to eliminate head lice, perform a thorough cleaning.

The treatment respects the health of those who suffer from lice, as it does not use any chemicals. That way, there are no chemicals inside the Happy Heads Clinic. Your son or daughter will have a 100% natural and safe treatment, which can be performed on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Where is the Happy Heads Clinic lice and nit treatment center in the Algarve?

If you live or are on vacation in the Algarve, you can visit our center in Faro, located on Avenida 5 de Outubro 204, R/C Esq. - Faro. Request an appointment now!

Call +351 917 807 500!

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