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Don't Let Lice Ruin Your Christmas!

The Christmas holidays are almost here and after so long without gathering, families and friends come together to celebrate this very special moment. Sharing experiences, gifts, hugs and maybe lice... yeah, unfortunately it happens more often than you think, After all, you have everything you need: children, hugs and games,

Natal sem Piolhos. Como prevenir os Piolhos
Christmas without Lice

At Happy Heads Clinic we want you to have a restful Christmas without unwanted visits to the table, so we leave you some suggestions.

Tips to prevent head lice

This festive season we are often more affectionate with our family and friends giving more hugs that allow the lice to crawl into new little heads. If there are children together:

  • Ask them to avoid head-to-head contact, most of the time lice are caught this way. So whether it's hugs, photos, selfies or just sitting together, be aware of direct contact. Head lice don't jump or fly, they crawl to their new host.

  • Ask not to share accessories. Things like hats, scarves and coats can be an easy way for lice to hitch a ride. Although head lice don't live long on clothing and accessories, it can be long enough to crawl to a new host. Borrowing a hat can be a way to catch head lice.

  • It is also better not to share combs, brushes and a pad. If the children spend the night with friends or cousins, be sure to use their pillow.

  • Be alert. If anyone in the family is itchy or uncomfortable, check for head lice before leaving. Being prepared and proactive is key in head lice prevention. If you have any doubts or don't have to be worried, come and ask the family to have a head lice diagnosis, which is free at the Happy Heads Clinic, to make sure no one brings lice to the Christmas party.

If you find head lice?

If you suspect head lice, don't hesitate, treat them as soon as possible! At Happy Heads Clinic we diagnose lice, which is fast and safe, if we find lice and nits we can do the treatment which is 100% Natural (we do not use chemicals), Effective and Safe. Don't Let Lice Ruin Your Christmas!

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