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Does a haircut eliminate head lice?

There is a myth that cutting your hair eliminates lice, is that really the case?

Probably in desperation of not being able to treat head lice, you have thought about cutting your hair or even shaving your hair. Before taking any action, consider these points:

1. Head lice can survive without a host for up to 48 hours

Cutting hair does not eliminate head lice. Head lice can survive without a host for up to 48 hours, which means they can easily return to pay a visit to anyone who has cut their hair.

Does a haircut eliminate head lice
Does a haircut eliminate head lice?

2. Cutting hair does not kill head lice eggs

Lice eggs, also called nits, are small and oval in shape. They are normally found in the hair shafts close to the scalp, but sometimes they can also be found a little further away. The nits are glued to the hair shaft with a substance secreted by the louse.

Cutting the hair or even shaving it will not kill all the lice eggs, as they are firmly attached to the hair shaft (hair root next to the scalp). The best way to remove nits is to use a fine lice comb or your fingers to carefully remove them from the hair shaft.

3. Cutting your hair because of head lice can be traumatizing

Children, in particular girls love their hair and cutting or shaving it will only make the situation worse. The end result will be shorter hair and still lice, and an even sadder and more embarrassed child because, in addition to continuing to have lice, the hair he loves is gone.

If you are desperate for not being able to treat head lice with traditional methods, we have good news for you, we can help!

At Happy Heads Clinic there is a quick, safe and effective option against head lice! Our professional method removes all lice and nits from the hair in a 100% Natural way (without chemicals) and without the need to traumatize a child with a radical haircut. Schedule your treatment now and definitely get rid of lice!

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