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What is the best comb to get rid of lice?

A good lice comb is key to getting rid of lice quickly and, more importantly, getting rid of them for good. One mistake most parents make when trying to get rid of head lice is focusing too much on getting rid of adult lice and less on removing lice eggs (nits) attached to their hair.

The best lice comb of the market
The best lice comb of the market

Regardless of what lice products say on the package about “eliminating lice eggs”, nits left in your hair will inevitably hatch and within a few weeks you will have a new infestation.

If you don't remove all the lice eggs from your hair, after a few days you'll have to deal with the lice again!

There are three reasons why lice eggs are so difficult:

  • Lice eggs are incredibly resistant to all lice products and treatments, so they are impossible to eliminate.

  • Lice eggs are "glued" to the hair, so they never fall spontaneously.

  • Lice eggs are made up of a strong protective coating, which is impenetrable.

Since louse eggs are chemical resistant, sticky to the hair, and immune to damage, the best thing you can do to “kill” lice eggs is to remove them. After being removed and discarded, they cannot hatch, as they need the heat of the head to grow and hatch.

The difference between removing nits from hair with a good Lice Comb:

  • Removing nits with combs from lice products

If you've ever tried to use one of the plastic combs that come in the products, you know well that they are useless to remove nits, in addition to breaking on thick hair. The teeth of plastic combs are so far apart that they are unable to remove nits, even if you comb the same area several times. If after that, you've probably already tried to remove the nits one by one with your fingers, taking hours and still without success.

Best Comb to Remove Nits
Best Comb to Remove Nits
  • Removing nits with a fine anti-lice comb

A high quality metal lice comb is the key to breaking out of the never-ending lice cycle. The teeth of a lice comb should be close together (no gaps between the teeth) and ideally the teeth of the comb should be in a spiral. This shape acts like barbed wire, trapping the nits and dragging them out of your hair. Anyone who has used or uses such a comb knows that it is worth the investment, saves time and has guaranteed results!

At Happy Heads Clinic we use the best comb on the market, as we know that this is the only way to effectively remove nits from our hair. Our fine anti lice comb: removes lice and lice eggs more effectively than any other lice comb out there.

  • The teeth of this comb are perfectly spaced, but the real secret is that they have small spirals in the teeth, achieving a “barbed wire” effect on lice and nits, catching them and dragging them along the entire hair strand and out. of the hair.

  • Even with clenched and spiraling teeth, it glides easily (and painlessly!) through wet hair with conditioner.

  • It's entirely made of metal, so the teeth don't break when you comb your hair and you can clean at high temperatures.

Choose the best lice comb on the market and end the endless hours of hair getting nits back!

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