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Main Errors in Lice Treatment

Um dos maiores medos dos pais é que os filhos apanhem piolhos! Quando isso acontece, tudo o querem é uma solução rápida, fácil e eficaz para acabar com a pediculose. Mas, é preciso cuidado para não cometer erros na hora de tratar esse problema.

One of the biggest fears of parents is that their children will get lice! When that happens, all they want is a quick, easy and effective solution to stop it. But, care must be taken not to make mistakes when dealing with this problem.

Principais erros a tratar piolhos

Find out now what are the main mistakes made in the head lice treatment.

Treatments with toxic substances:

Many parents opt for toxic products with chemicals to treat head lice. It is important to emphasize that they are aggressive to children's hair scalp, and studies have already shown that lice and nits have created resistance to certain substances. Therefore, treatment with these products may not only not solve the problem, but also be harmful to your children's health.

Treat pediculosis with homemade solutions:

If you search for solutions to get rid of lice on the internet, you will definitely find options for home remedies. Oils, bicarbonates and hair color are some of the substances used. It is important to be very careful, because in addition to not treating pediculosis, they can be aggressive to your children's scalp and also that they may not solve the problem with lice.

Do not follow all treatment guidelines:

If you are undergoing treatment at Happy Heads Clinic, it is necessary to follow all our indications. From the number of sessions and the dates of the procedures, to the care at home, this will guarantee a better result in the treatment, guaranteeing the end of the lice.

Do not prevent the appearance of lice:

Prevention is the best treatment! As such, it is very important that children do not share personal accessories for the head, such as caps, hats, brushes, rubber bands, etc ... Carrying out a thorough inspection, at least once a week, also ensures that there is no new infestation. .

Remember it is not worth treating pediculosis and then not having this care. No treatment prevents lice and nits from appearing again, only prevention.

If in doubt, we are here to help.

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