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Back to School Without Lice!

Head lice, despite being small, can be a real headache for parents and educators of school-age children. With a new school year starting, worries begin to keep kids lice free!

Lice free school
Back to school without lice

Here are some tips for a lice-free back to school!

  1. Check children for lice and nits before school starts. If all parents are careful, many outbreaks of lice can be avoided. If you don't have time or are unable to check for lice, you can always schedule a free diagnosis at the Happy Heads Clinic.

  2. Teach children not to share hats and other hair accessories with other children.

  3. Make children's hairstyles such as geeks, braids or wear their hair short and thus reduce the likelihood of getting lice.

  4. Use lice preventive products and once a week run a fine-toothed lice comb through children's hair.

  5. Share these tips with the School and other parents. If everyone contributes to this care, lice will find it more difficult to "visit" the School!

Very important, if your children show up at home with lice, relax, it happened because they are loving and sweet children who love to socialize, hug and play.

To help, we created a Lice Card to share at school and with other parents! Just download!

Checklist - Lice
Download ZIP • 411KB

At Happy Heads Clinic we do lice treatments for all ages (from kids to adults) in a 100% Natural way (we don't use chemicals), Effective and Safe. Leave the lice and nits in the hands of the professionals and relax!

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