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Lice! What to do to clean the house and the car?

First of all, it is important to mention, when we talk about head lice, the word infection or disinfect is not the most appropriate. The correct term is infestation and the difference is as follows:

From a medical point of view, both infection and infestation refer to the action and effect of an organism that invades another by developing in or on it. Both are also defined as pathological processes and therefore cause damage to the host.

Where is the difference? The difference is basically in the type of organism that makes the invasion. Infection refers to invasion by microscopic organisms (bacteria, viruses), while infestation refers to invasion by macroscopic organisms such as lice.

When we receive visits from these unwanted visitors to our homes, we have to take some precautions. There are now enough studies to know that the usual contagion of head lice occurs by direct "head to head" contact; therefore, the guidelines to be followed at home when the child's head has been dewormed are simple:

At home:

  • Change bed linen and bath towels and wash everything at 60°C.

  • Boil the hairbrushes in water or store them in a closed bag for 48 hours (long enough if there is an intruder, be eliminated). Do the same with hair accessories (pins, elastics, ribbons, hats, etc). Another option is to place them in a plastic bag in the freezer for 24 hours.

  • Vacuum the sofa and areas where children usually sit.

  • Lice live in our heads, outside of them they have little resistance. These unwanted visitors don't jump, don't fly and don't nest or lay eggs out of our heads, so they'll hardly take care of our house.

In the car:

  • Our recommendation is to vacuum the seats in case there are any lice.

When there are lice, it is important not to leave nits on our children's heads, because it is enough for the lice to reappear a few days later.

It is not necessary to turn the house and car inside out, call the patrol to kill lice or a disinfestation service, just follow our advice.

In case of doubt you can always call 917807500!

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