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How to remove nits?

First of all it is very important to know the difference between lice and nits, as they are treated differently.

An effective head lice treatment can be used on your child's head, but it does not eliminate the nits, meaning that within a few days, the problem will come back again.

How to remove nits in the Algarve?
How to remove nits?

What are the differences between lice and nits?

Lice are small parasites that feed on the blood of the scalp, unfortunately affecting many children.

Nits are the main cause of recurrent lice infestation, especially because of their appearance they are very difficult to detect and find, so it is very important to know how to identify them.

  • Nits are the eggs of lice.

  • They are less than 1mm, so it is very difficult to see them.

  • They are alive the closer they are to the scalp, the further they are the older they will and most probably the capsules are often empty.

  • They are attached to the hair as opposed to dandruff, which falls easily. Nits need to be removed with a lice remover comb by checking each strand of hair.

  • When there are many nits it is difficult to verify that they are all dead, even after treatment. One live nit is enough for the lice to return again.

How to eliminate lice and nits?

  • Know the life cycle of lice and eliminate all nits during treatment.

  • Professional equipment - the equipment used to eliminate lice is fundamental for the success of the treatment. At Happy Heads Clinic we have the most effective technology available, eliminating and removing lice and nits through the combination of HEAT that dehydrates the nits, HYDRATION that hydrates the hair and VACCUMING that removes lice from the hair. We finish by doing a review of the entire hair with the help of SPECIAL MAGNIFYING GLASSES and a PROFESSIONAL COMB that will remove any nit that we may have been left behind.

  • Review 7 days after the treatment is critical for success as it is possible to remove nits that were not visible and that have grown in the meantime.

  • Prevention and care to be taken after treatment makes all the difference. Children who repeatedly get lice may be infected by other children or other eternal factors.

At Happy Heads Clinic parents and children can rest assured, our treatment eliminates lice and nits in a safe, effective and 100% natural way.

Our mission is to make families and children happy without lice and nits!

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