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How to Avoid Head Lice in Summer Camps!

With the summer break, many children are looking forward to participating in Summer Camps. While summer camps are a great opportunity to make new friends, have fun and be busy, it can also bring some unwanted guests: head lice.

Lice infestations are frequent in Summer Camps due to the close contact between children, even if they don't sleep in the Camp, they spend their days alongside other children. The practice of sports and activities provide greater physical contact opening the opportunity for the spread of head lice.

Fortunately, you can always protect your children from head lice so they can enjoy their holidays and not bring lice home!

Head Lice Prevention Tips for Summer Camps

To avoid lice, proactivity is essential! It is very important to check the children's heads before, during and after the Summer Camp!

Before the Summer Camp

Before you start, check for lice, this ensures they don't go camping with lice and sharing them with other children. Then follow these prevention tips: wear your hair up or short, apply lice repellent, and discourage head-to-head contact.

Para evitar os piolhos, a proatividade é essencial! É muito importante verificar as cabeças das crianças antes, durante e depois do Campo de Férias!

During the Summer Camp

If the children only attend summer camp during the day, check the children's heads once a week. Nits are very small oval dots that are found close to the scalp, especially at the back of the neck or behind the ears. Continue to wear your hair up or short, apply lice repellent, and discourage head-to-head contact.

After the Summer Camp

When you're done, do a full head lice check.

If in doubt, you can always schedule a full checkup at the Happy Heads Clinic for peace of mind. Diagnosis is free!

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