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Homemade solutions to eliminate lice

When children catch lice and nits, many desperate parents look for homemade solutions on the Internet, unfortunately this often leads to disaster - as most of these treatments are ineffective, lice continue to spread and the infestation gets even worse. So, before moving on to one of these solutions, find out why they don't work and find out what to do instead.

piolhos tratamento
Tratamento de Piolhos com soluções caseiras?

Main home remedies for lice (and why they don't work)

1. Olive oil

With this method, the oil should be applied to the hair and left for 6-8 hours to "smother" the lice. To contain the mess of having a sticky, smelly substance in their hair, many parents still wrap their children's heads with cling film. With this method your children have to endure viscosity and smell for hours on end, but they also put them in danger of suffocation. This treatment should also not be done just once - instead, the process should be repeated until no more lice are seen. Unlike professional treatment for lice, olive oil does not kill lice or nits, so the lice will persist and you will have to repeat the treatment. Add the cost of olive oil and all you will have is a treatment plan to dry your wallet.

2. Mayonnaise treatment

Similar to oil treatment, mayonnaise should be applied to children's heads and left for hours to smother lice. As with oil, it subjects children to endure the terrible smell and discomfort, and puts them in danger of suffocation. Mayonnaise does not harm adult lice or nits, which means that at the end of this long and tortuous journey (for you and your child), your child will still have lice.

3. OTC lice shampoo

When they appeared on the market, OTC shampoos were pointed out as the ideal solution to get rid of lice. However, over the years, the repeated use of these shampoos containing pesticides served to strengthen the immunity of this pest, helping them to develop resistance. Have you ever heard of super lice? So, like olive oil or mayonnaise, OTC shampoos are not effective against today's super lice. In addition, there are concerns about the safety of the composition of these products, such as neurotoxin, which presents risks when used in excess.

4. Cut the hair

It may seem that this home remedy works - however, did you know that female lice lay their eggs on the hair shaft as close to the scalp as possible to keep warm? Suddenly, a cut of a few centimeters can mean shaving your children's heads. The reality is that you would never be able to make a cut short enough with scissors to eliminate lice. If you take that into account, plus the trauma of doing this especially with a girl, suddenly shaving their hair may seem like a bad idea.

In short, specialists in pediculosis (infestation of lice and nits) do not recommend any type of home remedy, however harmless it may seem, as cases have been observed in children and adults who have applied substances such as gasoline, insecticides, creoline, oil, among others. , in addition to wrapping the head with a plastic cap for some time. The results in some patients have been disastrous and vary from this; allergic dermatitis, burns, fainting by inhaling toxic vapors, eye irritation due to contact with these chemicals and others.

Professional lice removal is the way forward

Fortunately, your child does not have to endure the discomfort of any of these treatments and you can save time and effort by trying to treat head lice with home remedies that don't work. Let the experts at Happy Heads Clinic take care of this!

Our exclusive equipment dehydrates and sucks on lice and nits in a single treatment, that is, our professional service eliminates this pest from your children's hair. It is a 100% natural, effective and safe lice and nits treatment.

Book your appointment with Happy Heads Clinic now!

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