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Head Lice! How to talk with other parents...

It can be tricky to talk to other parents about their children, especially when it comes to lice!

Much of the lice contagion occurs through direct head to head contact when playing, selfies and hugs between children. So it is natural that a child just needs lice to be able to infect others in the group.


When the parents of one of these children discover that their child has lice, they take care of their child's lice, however out of shame or taboo, they do not inform other parents, which allows the other children to continue to have lice and that they can once again return your child. This is one of the reasons that many parents are unable to eliminate head lice for good!

The question is: How to inform other parents that their children may have been carrying nits or lice?

When you find lice and nits in your children and suspect that they have been infected by a colleague or friend, here are some suggestions on how to approach other parents on this topic.

Inform the school

If the lice carrier is a classmate, it is important to notify the class leader or teacher that your child has caught lice at school, to send a notice to all parents, encouraging them to examine their children's hair. to check for lice.

The disadvantage is that parents may forget to check or think that their children's itch is no big deal. For parents who take steps to get rid of lice, this can mean reinfestation in weeks.

Use social networks or send a private message

Many parents use Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups to communicate. You can use these channels and send a message advising to check for nits in other children's hair and even recommend solutions.

In case we have a close relationship with the parents of the child who we know has lice, we can alternatively send a private message. Informing that we have found nits and / or lice in our children and as our children spend a lot of time together, it would be convenient to check their child's hair.

Prevent lice infestations

If you are aware that there are recurrent head lice infestations at school, at your children's daycare center or in a group of friends, you can take some preventive measures to prevent infection.

Lice, how to treat and prevent in the Algarve?

An infestation is never fun, but leaving another parent unaware that their child has lice is worse. When you let other families know that your children have lice, in the long run you are helping to keep the school and the neighborhood free of lice.

Fortunately in the Algarve, there is also another resource available in the fight against lice and nits, which is a clinic specializing in the treatment of lice and nits in a 100% natural, effective and safe way!

Give your child the protection they need and visit Happy Heads Clinic and learn about our lice and nits treatment and our prevention plans.

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