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Guide to Survive Head Lice During Confinement

Entering Confinement again has completely changed our lives and also for us to help families treating lice in our clinic.

Like so many Portuguese, we are doing our part, we are at home confined, according to the recommendations of the Goverment. We all have an important role in the containment and spread of the coronavirus! Stay home!

While we wait for the situation to get better locally and nationally, we would like to help in something that is our expertise with: Guide on how to survive Lice during Confinement!

At Happy Heads Clinic we are specialists in pediculosis, so we talk about lice and nits, which are not confined. Who has their children at home with lice, asks what can I do?


Then, follow the steps below:

  1. Divide the hair into 4 zones;

  2. In each zone individually, wet the hair a little with water and a mask - conditioner to help pass the comb through the hair in the next phase.

  3. Pass the anti-lice comb from the root to the end of the hair in each area. At each pass it is important to clean the comb on a white towel or white napkin, and be careful that the clean areas do not touch the rest. It is essential to run the comb through all areas and try to remove most lice and nits from the hair.

  4. After combing through all areas, make final passage through all hair.

Repeat this process again after 7 days with the lice comb and every other day until nothing comes out.

This way you can eliminate lice in a 100% Natural way without the use of chemicals. We emphasize:

  • persistence is needed as it is a lengthy process;

  • the use of a good anti-lice comb and a conditioning mask that helps to untangle the hair but also to release the nits from the hair (there is only neede2 to stay for the problem to come back again).

At Happy Heads Clinic we recommend the lice comb and the conditioning mask that we use at the clinic for its 100% natural repellent properties for lice and nits, which we also have available for sale.

When confinement has passed, request a completely free evaluation at Happy Heads Clinic to see if your child has been completely free of lice or not.

In case of doubt or additional clarification, we are available, call 917807500 (also whastapp) or send a message (

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