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Care to be taken in case of Lice!

Lice are parasites that settle on the hair and scalp, causing the dreaded pediculosis. Thus, some hair care is essential to combat the infestation of this parasite.

Care in case of pediculosis!

1) Keep your hair up:

Lice infestation occurs because of physical contact (head to head) with infected people, being very common in daycare centers and schools.

In this way, those who have long hair should keep their hair tied in a ponytail, braid or bun, to avoid the spread of these unwanted visits.

2) Pass the fine lice comb daily:

After bathing, comb your hair with the fine comb. This type of comb helps to detect and remove nits and lice.

At Happy Heads Clinic we have extremely effective professional lice and nits combs, which are extremely effective.

3) Sanitize the hair brushes and combs:

Sanitize hair brushes and combs for 10 minutes, in boiling water if the material allows.

4) Inspect your children's heads daily:

In addition to hair care, it is important to check children's heads with some frequency in order to diagnose pediculosis early and thus treat it more easily.

At Happy Heads Clinic, a clinic for the treatment of lice and nits in the Algarve, we diagnose lice and nits at our clinic, located at Av. 5 de Outubro, in Faro.

The diagnosis of lice and nits is free, being made by appointment, lasting about 15 minutes in which we use a special magnifying glass to check for the presence of these undesirable visits.

5) Invest in specific products to relieve symptoms:

Pediculosis usually causes itching and discomfort in the scalp. To relieve the symptoms of itching and repel lice naturally, count on the help of Happy Heads Clinic!

At Happy Heads Clinic we have 100% Natural products, with a pleasant lemon scent such as: detangling spray, shampoo, conditioner and gel.

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