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Art of War on Lice!

General Sun Tzu in his book the Art of War stresses the importance of knowledge, indicating that self-knowledge (awareness of one's own strengths and weaknesses), knowledge of the enemy and knowledge of the surrounding context and environment is essential, also in war lice is important:

  • be aware of our strengths and weaknesses in the war on lice

  • meet the lice

  • get to know the surroundings of the school and our children's friends

arte da guerra ao piolho
Art of War on Lice

How can we win the war on lice? We must have the right information and weapons. Killing lice with cannon and gunpowder is useless.

Art of War on Lice - Key to success:

1. "The supreme art of war is to defeat the enemy without fighting." In the case of the War on Lice, it is simple, through PREVENTION.

It is essential to check our children's heads at least once a week. This task that can take 10 to 15 minutes but makes all the difference between having a small setback or a big problem.

One of the characteristics of lice is the speed with which they reproduce and, in a very short time, form a large family; therefore, it is vitally important to capture them in time.

2. “Everyone can see the tactics of my conquests, but nobody can discern the strategy that generated the victories” In the case of the War on Lice, the WEAPON used is fundamental!

There are weapons of all types, classes, and colors. There are more and more products for sale to kill lice. Some very potent and not recommended for the health of our children, others more natural and less harmful to their health, in any case, they all suffer from the same thing: they do not kill the nits. You can only remove the nits mechanically from your hair, there is no other way.

Thus, the best weapon is undoubtedly a professional anti-lice comb not readily available in the pharmacy.

A good anti-lice comb should be metallic, with adequate tooth spacing and length. If they are rounded the better so as not to hurt the scalp.

3. “Invincibility is in defense; the possibility of victory, in the attack. Those who defend themselves show that their strength is inadequate; whoever attacks shows that it is abundant”. In this case, it is essential to leave our comfort zone and INFORM.

It is very important to communicate with those in contact with your child that your child has lice. Otherwise, it is possible that, once clean, he will catch them again, because some friend of his s also has them and maybe his family is unaware. Teamwork is another key to success.

"Victory is reserved for those who are willing to pay the price"

At Happy Heads Clinic, we apply the Art of War to Lice which is:

TREATMENT + REVIEW + PREVENTION (monitor the heads of our children) as the only way to guarantee success in the war on lice.

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