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7 Lice Prevention Tips

Lice and nits are a major concern for parents, especially during school. Groups of children in confined spaces, games with contact and the possibility of changing clothes are risk factors for the spread of lice. Certain times of the year also favor the appearance of these parasites due to humidity or temperature.

There is no magic formula to prevent the spread of lice, but prevention is essential to prevent it.

7 Lice prevention tips:

1. Run the lice comb through the whole family (yes, all) at least once a week. Although children are the focus of contagion, certain environments, such as public transport, also help. Lice combs have long, thin teeth that drag lice and nits. Pay special attention to the nits, as they are more difficult to see, but if they stay on the head, after a few days they hatch and lice are born, making the problem even more serious.

2. Prevent children from sharing combs, scarves, caps, towels ... that is, any object that is worn on the head.

3. If children must go to places where there is a possibility of being infected, it is advisable to apply preventive products.

4. It is recommended that children with long hair wear their hair up.

5. Hygiene is very important, so combs and brushes must be disinfected with frequently. Just leave them in hot water for a while.

6. All clothes that have contact with the head must be washed above 50ºC, towels, sheets ... with special attention to pillows, as they are one of the main places of contagion.

7. Hats, caps need to be washed at high temperatures. Also pay attention to accessories such as elastic bands and hair ties.

At Happy Heads Clinic we have 100% natural lice preventive products, with an extremely pleasant lemon scent in addition to professional lice combs.

We are more than happy to chat and advise.

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